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Cape Coral is also known as “The Cape” by the locals and is truly a waterfront wonderland. This is as far west into the gulf of Mexico that you can go while in Southwest Florida while still in the Greater Fort Meyers area. This is a city of over 160,000 people, and is less only 55 years old. This is the largest city between Tampa and Miami. All of the southwest Florida homes here are relatively new compared to other cities. It is part of the Greater Ft Myers area which in total has population over 600,000 people. Travel in The Cape is done by both car and boat. A majority of the homes in Cape Coral back right into any part of the vast 400 mile canal system.
Cape Coral has a humid climate that is warm throughout the year. Lows in December and January get to the mid 50′s, and the highs at those times are in the mid 70′s. There are approximately 145 days of rain each year. Highs in July get up to the low 90′s. Much of the area around Cape Coral has gone untouched by human influence. As you travel south through Florida, there are only a few stopping points between Cape Coral and the Everglades National Park. Cape Coral itself is a peninsula in the Greater Fort Myers area.
Cape Coral has recently come from being hit hard by the housing crisis. There are approximately 2,500 homes for sale in Cape Coral, of those, over 850 are currently a short sale, and just under 100 are foreclosures. Only two months ago that number of foreclosures was 120, which means that homes are starting to sale fast, and Cape Coral is on the verge of a housing resurge. This means that it’s a good time to buy in Cape Coral, as home values make their rebound it’s a great way to invest.
Cape Coral FHA loans, which are government loans are capped at $356,250 for Cape Coral, and the rest of Lee County. Most counties in the United States are capped at $271,050 for this special government loan. Those statistics also means that nearly 1,000 of the homes for sale here are distressed. While that is not good for homeowners, as somebody who may be looking to buy homes in Cape Coral, there really couldn’t be a better time to buy real estate in Cape Coral. Especially with the interest rates where they are at.
Cape Coral houses are most often in communities that have extra amenities, in fact it is difficult to find a home that is not part of an HOA. The Home Owners Associations in Cape Coral are a wonderful benefit to the citizen, as they keep the neighborhoods beautiful, and offer extra luxuries. Those luxuries almost always include a common area with a park, tennis courts, swimming, boat access (if there isn’t already boat access), and community events. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Cape Coral House!

Across the Caloosahatchee river is the Fort Myers area, which was also affected by the housing market changes, but slightly less severely.  These homes are not designated as “waterfront paradise” homes like in Cape Coral, but Fort Myers certainly has it’s share of waterfront homes, and luxury homes.  You can Fort Myers homes here as well.