Celebration Cape Homes For Sale in Cape Coral

In the south east portion of Cape Coral is where you’ll find Celebration Cape, east of Santa Barbara Boulevard.. One of the unique things about Celebration Cape is the zoning for large lots in Cape Coral, which always for a larger garage – ideal for RV owners and car collectors.

Celebration Cape is a new construction area in Cape Coral. Due to this homebuyers have many unique opportunities. You can buy one of the brand new homes or start from scratch. There are lots that are undeveloped here which gives you the opportunity to create the home of your dreams by being actively involved in the building process.

Take a look at the properties listed here. If there are none available or you want to see other homes in near by areas try using our search tools.

Things to enjoy in Celebration Cape include:

  • Playground
  • Picnic pavilion
  • Dog park
  • Lakeside walking trail

Celebration Cape Homes For Sale

These are the homes that are listed in Celebration Cape. To see more or search click here to Celebration Cape Homes.

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