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Short Sales happen prior to a foreclosure, as a distressed borrower looks for options with the bank to avoid a foreclosure. Often times, the bank and the buyer will agree on selling the home for a discounted price to avoid the foreclosure which is detrimental to both the bank and borrower – but not detrimental to the potential next purchaser of the home. That’s why short sales are such a great way to purchase a home.

Be advised that when purchasing a short sale there are a few extra mountains of paperwork that must be completed. This simply is the price that a person must pay to purchase a short sale in Cape Coral. Many people are turned off by that, but those who are wanting to save thousands, tens of thousands, and in some cases over a hundred thousands dollars are not deterred by the fact that it is a short sale.

One of the key differences between short sales and foreclosures in Cape Coral is the motivation of the seller. Foreclosures typically have a seller who is not motivated because they know the fate of their property no matter what – the bank is going to own it. So foreclosure occupants know they are on borrowed time. A Cape Coral short sale, however, is exactly the opposite.

These home owners want to get out of the house because of the distressed financial situation that they are in, so they look to keep the house in top condition so that when the first home buyer comes and looks at it, they are going to sell the home. That’s why short sales retain their value much better than a foreclosure. In a few cases Cape Coral homes that are in short sale have occupants who have given up the battle, and they let things slide, but this is more the exception than the rule.

Again, short sales in southwest Florida are a great way to search for homes, and every property that is a short sale right now in Cape Coral is available right here.